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ECL vs. Essex

The last Eastern Counties League fixture of the season for Suffolk takes place Saturday 29 June 2024. The match will be played at Maldon BC with a start time of 10.30 am.

The team will be as follows....

Adam Turner Ivan Parnell Mark Betts

Bob Sillett Jack Burch Gary Hard

Ben Beamish Andrew Pulford Phil Page

Mark Euston Joe Sims George Ward

Mark Wickenden Nathen Reeder Colin Hunting

Gareth Lloyd Paul Jackson Gordon Ball

Andrew Drummond Rob Kerry Adrian Beecroft

Richard Leeder Mark Cole John Rednall


The current league table prior to this match is as follows...

1. Norfolk Played 4 60 points +55 shot diff.

2. Suffolk Played 3 42 points +46 shot diff.

3. Herts Played 3 39 points +39 shot diff.

So, all to play for!! We wish the team all the best for the game and they would welcome all supporters who can make the trip



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