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New Eastern Counties League Manager - Adrian Beecroft

After being introduced as the new Eastern Counties League manager, Adrian Beecroft addressed the AGM with the following message...

"Looking back, I can remember playing my first Eastern Counties League game 47 years ago with A.G. Alsopp, R.C. Poole and B.H. Edwards. I was 22 and I believe, at the time, I was the first youngster to play at this level in Suffolk. Arthur said at the time that Suffolk used this competition as a stepping stone to the Middleton Cup.

The following year I played in the Middleton Cup in the company of Percy Rowe, Keith Bloomfield and Bill Dolby. All this was well before my friend and Suffolk bowls legend John Rednall burst on the scene. He was much younger than me then – and still is now!

I feel privileged to take on this role and will endeavour to uphold its values whilst in my care. One of my many ambitions is to continue Andrew Drummond's goal to help players reach their full potential and knock on John Rednall's door for Middleton Cup selection.

I will also endeavour to replicate Andrews' 2019 success and win the ECL again for Suffolk"


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