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ECL Team vs. Herts

Following our great start to the season, here is the team selection for our only match on home turf against Hertfordshire which starts at 10.30 am on Saturday 25 May at Hadleigh BC.

Those of you that follow the ECL will remember that, despite our 100% record, Herts pipped us to the 2023 League title by a single point.

The team is as follows...

R Claxton R Adams A Turner

M Cole M Addison A Pulford

S Cook C Beeton E Addision

J Sims L Stevens R Leeder

M Betts S Brimelow C Hunting

C Webb J Smith D Jolly

M Todd A Drummond A Beecroft

P Last M Euston J Rednall

Our thanks go to out to Hadleigh BC and their members for hosting this match. Refreshments will be available including a licensed bar.

It's a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather forecast is promising and a high quality bowls match is in the offing so come and support your County side in their effort to become Eastern County champions in 2024


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