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2023 Men’s Annual Luncheon and Prize-Giving

This years Men’s Annual Luncheon, hosted by President Gordon Ball, was held at the Bramford Golf Centre. A change of venue which was generally well received with good food and good service contributing to a positive, enjoyable, atmosphere

Our Guest of Honour was Bowls England

Junior Vice President Sheila Storey who hails from Northumberland and is a bowler of 40+ years standing. Sheila has held, and still holds, many important roles in our sport (see here for more details).

As well as being a funny and easy to listen to speaker, Sheila is passionate about our sport, especially at grass roots level, and highlighted the need for another JVP to join the Presidential team to succeed her when she moves up to SVP

In closing, President Gordon thanked all those who had helped him throughout his year in office, especially Charlie and Sandra Sharp who, together with SVP Mike Walker, had organised the Luncheon. Finally, Gordon thanked the most important person, his wife Jan, and presented her with a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation for all her support

For pictures of the awards, please go to the Gallery section


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